Powder Filling


PF Powder Filler Series


Functions: fill

Container movement: intermittent

Speed: up to 300 containers/minute

Number of fill stations: 2 - 12

Accuracy: ± 1.0% (depending on powder characteristics)


Our PF Series powder fillers feature a unique dual-level supply hopper and agitator that provides just enough material of uniform density to supply the dosing chamber of each filling head. This design promotes the highest level of performance for repeatability.

PF Powder Filler Series

PF2-TT Table-Top Powder Filler



Container movement: manual

Containers handled: vials

Speed: up to 30 containers/minute

Number of fill stations: 2

Accuracy: ± 1% (depending on powder characteristics)


Totally enclosed product pathway with no abrading parts ensures zero powder contamination. Fine tuning fill-volume adjustments can be made on the fly without tools. This machine is perfect for labs or limited production facilities.

Our patented PF Series of powder filling machines minimize waste, prevents product contamination and simplifies the validation process. These machines bring a new dimension to sterile powder filling.

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Powder Filling

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