Rotary Intermittent Monoblocks


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FSV50 Mini Monoblock


Functions: Unscramble, fill and stopper vials

Container movement: intermittent, Handling: starwheel, Containers handled: vials

Container size: Up to 100 ml, Speed: up to 50 containers/minute

Number of fill stations: 1, Accuracy: +\- 1/2 of 1% of fill volume

Stopper movement: intermittent


The Mini Monoblock acommodates a compact space, with hood isolation and laminar flow in mind, utilizing the least amount of space for use in a clean environment. This machine will fill liquids or powders, then stopper the containers using full or partial stopper insertion.

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Rotary Intermittent Monoblocks



Functions:  fill, plug or stopper, screw cap or aluminum crimp seal

Container movement: intermittent

Speed: up to 200 vials/minute

Number of nozzles: 1 - 4

Accuracy: ± 0.5%

Closures handled: wipers, opthalmic

plastic, stem plug, eyedropper, aluminum seal

This series can handle various container shapes and sizes and a wide range of products from aqueous to heavy oils, suspensions and creams. REFPC models permit pre-programming container size and fill volume with visual on-screen data and diagnostic reporting.

RM Rotary Monoblock


The RM is a rotary monoblock machine that is designed to perform multiple functions.  It is currently in use in many varying applications throughout the world.  It is designed to provide many years of reliable service while being easy to use and maintain.


Each machine is custom designed for your specific packaging requirements.  The Cozzoli Machine Company simple two-piece filling syringes and valve assemblies are designed with easy cleaning in mind. High precision machining of our filling syringes allows each machine to achieve a fill accuracy better than +/- 0.5% by volume.

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