Rotary Filling Line for Test Kits


Specializes in women’s health by supplying test kits, imaging machines and more.


This customer initially came to Cozzoli for a filling line for a new test kit they were planning to market, although the scope of the project ultimately grew by the time of completion. Cozzoli provided a solution with a line consisting of a UT42, REFCC, Accraply 350W “S” Series and AT36 to fill, cap, torque, and labeled containers ranging from 4, 8, 15, 30, 60, and 125 mL with an assortment of caps: 13, 20, and 24 mm. Midway through the project the customer requested changes to the machine to accommodate an urgent and growing demand for new test kits for COVID-19. Cozzoli complied with the request, and the end-result was a robust machine line capable of handling a variety of life saving products. 


With so many bottles and containers dedicated to this line, the company needed a machine that would allow for quick changeovers. In order to satisfy that expectation Cozzoli completely redesigned its RFPC from a machine that was manually adjusted and mechanically driven to a machine that is almost completely servo driven. By using recipe selection on the HMI the machine can adjust itself without operator interference. This machine customization also included a two-cap placement station with an auxiliary hopper and a Flexicon Peristaltic pump using Platinum cured silicone tubing through which filling will be accomplished using disposable elements and transfer tubing. 

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