Products and capabilities

Products and Capabilities

At Cozzoli, we provide automatic filling and closing solutions to a variety of markets, including the Pharmaceutical (aseptic and non-aseptic), Industrial, Food & Beverage, Personal Care and E liquid industries.

Our solutions range from small tabletop machines to fully automatic machines that can accommodate vials, ampoules, syringes and bottles of all different sizes. Whether bottling high viscosity materials like peanut butter into a gallon size container or low viscosity liquids into a 5ml vial, we have a machine to fit all of your filling and closing applications. Each of Cozzoli’s filling machines can be customized to accommodate bottles of various shapes and sizes with speeds of up to 400 containers per minute. From individual machines to complete lines, we are your complete source for automatic filling equipment and full-service capabilities.


Filling machines, capping machines and plugging machines for Aseptic and non-aseptic filling applications.


Complete filling and packaging solutions for chemical, paint and other industrial applications.

Food & Beverage

Complete filling and packaging solutions for juice, sauce, alcohol, syrup and many more consumable applications.

Personal Care

Complete filling and packaging solutions for cosmetic, health, beauty, and personal care items.

E Liquid / E Juice

Complete filling and packaging solutions for E liquid and E juice applications.
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