BMSV – Bench Model Piston Filler

BMSV – Bench Model Piston Filler. This Single Valve filling machine has been designed specifically to provide accurate economical filling of viscous products for lab work and small scale filling operations. The Bench Model is ideal for filling food sauces, paints, syrups, honey, caulks, etc. The unit features fully pneumatic operation and provides accuracy of up to +/- .05%, by volume dependent on products viscosity and flow characteristics.

The amount of product dispensed is controlled by the length of the piston stroke. Once the stroke length is set, each cycle will discharge the same amount of product into each container. On the intake stroke, the piston draws the product from the supply tank or hopper, through the inlet check valve and into the product cylinder. On the discharge stroke, the product flows from the product cylinder through the outlet check valve, and into the product container.

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