Our Checkweigher can be provided with a new filling line or added on to existing lines.  This state of art system uses Magnetic Force Restoration type Weighing Technology. The technology provides high speed/ high precision performance and can handle up to 200 containers per minute.

Inspection Systems

Inspection Machines are compact standalone units that are ideal for use in areas with space limitations. These reliable, high performance machines designed with class 100 clean rooms in mind. Speeds of more than 600 containers per minute, you can inspect 100% of your products and ensure that your shipments are defect free. Eliminate inspection personnel, fatigue factor, data collecting, and recording.


At Cozzoli, we offer end to end solutions to complete your filling line. Contact us about how we can add a variety of customized and integrated labeling systems to your operations.

Tray Loading

Our tray loaders incorporate an infeed conveyor that directs containers into a dual-tray staging area where rows of vials are placed into three-sided trays. These machines can handle 1/2” to 3 ½” containers at up to 20 rows per minute.


The accumulating and unscrambling tables are available in 5 sizes. Unscramblers are positioned at the start of the production line for inflow to containers. Accumulators can be located at any point on the production line where either smooth transfer between machines and/or accumulation is required.


* Coding solutions are also offered.

Other Products

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HS1 – Ampoule Sealer

RS Series – Stoppering machine

PF – Powder Filler

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