Ampoule Filling Machines

Our full line of Cozzoli ampoule filling and sealing machines accommodate a range of products from aqueous solutions to powders and even pellet applications. These high-speed ampoule filling and sealing machines are versatile, compact, and self-contained. These features, along with the accessibility of parts and minimal changeover time contribute to the successful operation of these machines.

FPS – Ampoule Filling and Sealing

FPS – Ampoule filling and sealing is our stainless steel Monoblock series with speeds from 15-120 per minute and a fill accuracy of ±.5%. The FPS is designed with a sealed top cover plate to ensure the internal drive mechanism remains free of extraneous matter.

HS1 – Ampoule Sealer

The HS1 ampoule hand sealer will tip or pull seal your ampoules, then flame polish the seal. This machine is ideal for lab or small scale production facilities.



Other Products

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Inspection Systems

RS Series – Stoppering machine

PF2TT/PF2IS – Tabletop Powder Filler

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