MonoBlock Filling Machines

In 1937 Cozzoli pioneered an innovative multifunction machine designed on a common frame, saving valuable floor space and increasing efficiency. This leading technology paved the way for the monoblock concept used today throughout our industry. Cozzoli’s monoblock capability is evident throughout its entire line of world-class multiple function machinery. Each distinctive model incorporates Cozzoli’s renowned monoblock technology – each with its own identity and design uniqueness.

FSV50 – Filling & Stoppering Machine

The FSV50 filling and stoppering machine is ideal for applications where space is an issue. With hood isolation and laminar flow in mind, this machine utilizes the least amount of space for use in a clean environment. This machine will fill liquids, then stopper the containers using full or partial stopper insertion. Speeds of up to 50 containers per minute with a fill accuracy of ± .5% can be achieved with the FSV50.

The FSV50 filling and stoppering  machine can be equipped with a variety of freestanding filling methods triggered by the machine’s PLC.

RFPC – Filling, Plugging and Capping

RFPC – Filling, Plugging and Capping series can handle various container shapes and sizes and a wide range of products from aqueous to heavy oils, suspensions and creams. RFPC models permit pre-programming container size and fill volume with visual on-screen data and diagnostic reporting. This machine can be equipped with 1-4 nozzles and is capable of filling up to 200 vials per minute with a fill accuracy of ± .5%.

FPS – Ampoule Filling and Sealing

FPS – Ampoule filling and sealing is our stainless steel Monoblock series with speeds from 15-120 per minute and a fill accuracy of ±.5%. The FPS is designed with a sealed top cover plate to ensure the internal drive mechanism remains free of extraneous matter.

CR Series – Filling & Stoppering Machine

The CR Series is a continuous-motion filling and stoppering . Offering production speeds up to 200 and 400 containers per minute, this machine performs with outstanding fill accuracy of ± .5% or better, with either full or partial insertion of stoppers.

VR840S – Liquid Filling & Stoppering Machine

The VR840S is a user friendly, high performance aseptic liquid filling and stoppering Monoblock, designed in conformance with current and proposed cGMPs.  This machine achieves a fill accuracy of better than ± .5% with speeds up to 120 bpm and can be customized to meet your needs. The diving nozzle system, which uses bottom-up fill on a range of 0-6”, facilitates a quick changeover. Full or partial stopper insertion can be achieved with our umbrella stoppering bonnet, which is specially designed for use with laminar air flow in Class 100 environments.

Other Products

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VR840 – Inline Volumetric Filler

PF – Powder Filler

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