Liquid Filling Machines

RM Series

RM series perform multiple functions while being easy to use and maintain. The Cozzoli simple two-piece filling syringes and valve assemblies are designed with easy cleaning in mind. High precision machining of our filling syringes allows each machine to achieve fill accuracy better than ± 0.5% by volume. High performance operation with complete reliability.

BMSV – Bench Model Piston Filler

BMSV – Bench Model Piston Filler. This Single Valve filling machine has been designed specifically to provide accurate economical filling of viscous products for lab work and small scale filling operations. The Bench Model is ideal for filling food sauces, paints, syrups, honey, caulks, etc. The unit features fully pneumatic operation and provides accuracy of up to ± .05%, by volume dependent on products viscosity and flow characteristics.


F400X – Tabletop Filler

F400X – Tabletop filler is perfect for low production rates with high accuracy requirements. Fills aqueous solutions to light oils. This product is shipped fully assembled and ready to use. Can fill up to 50 containers a minute, depending on the operator, with accuracy of ± .5%.

Other Products

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SC50T – Tabletop screw cap/crimping machine


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